hey not to worry but somethings not right . . . its my head, not a headache . . . but like a pressure there and things fading in and out like a bad tv reception . . . sometimes feeling dizzy like after spinning around . . . sometimes queasy . . . like being seasick, and once waking up and finding myself on the floor and not knowing how i got there


i am afraid to go out thinking it might happen to me while I am crossing a street or walking along the edge of a cliff or worse of all in bed with whoever. . . anyway something to think about

yeah, no question things are getting worse. passing out more often . . . couple times a day . . . maybe you should come

justine, doing fucking fine. no problems . . . still getting my strength back

just finished another painting for the chinati show in april . . . not sure how the local yokals are going to feel about this not being a boost for the town . . . it is what it is . . . a bunch of doors . . . yeah i hate that expression . . . but i’m too tired to think of another one

speaking of locals i saw on the news how gordie cripps got his dick caught in a wringer up in Houston . . . hometown boy makes good working for the sinaloans. . . . back at marfa high we had a couple of run-ins . . . the consensus opinion was that his father was that sad little jackass they used to keep in the back yard


a wiz in school, tho he and marnie clamper were always fighting for the top spot . . . she used to say how his brain was going to take him places and then at some point do him in . . . prophecy fulfilled. marnie, i heard, is out where you are . . .  in silicon valley somewhere . .  i think apple.

of course I am worried about you. are you sure you know what you’re getting into? the man sounds messed up . . . you cant count on him being the same person he was when he was in sf . . . I realize nobody is ever the same person they used to be . . . but a head trauma is a whole different story . . . I should know . . . and you should know cause i am a good example . . . you had a nice life in sf . . . why mess with it? yeah I know your never happy unless your messing with shit

seriously texas?