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Justine Clement on Scott Luddin:

I had to disagree with Scott that gender is binary. We got into an argument over it. Not in the book, of course, in case you’re wondering if you missed something. I under-stand where he’s coming from. In the end, it’s all a matter of your own perspective. There are over seven billion pairs of eyes in the world, and they all see something dif-ferent. So for me, it’s not binary, but more like a continuum. My brother and I are good examples. Maybe too good. But so is Travis, waking to a potentiality in himself that had been there from the beginning. Scott talks about the “before” and “after” versions, but I see the gradations. And not just about gender. About everything. That’s a harder story to tell. Here’s some-thing else. Take the paradox of Zeno’s arrow, and how Z argues that the arrow, once launched, never reaches its destination because for every unit of measurement it has to travel, it has to advance one-quarter, then one-eighth, then one-sixteenth, and so on forever. So, it never gets to its destination. Of course in reality, it does, because motion is real. Or maybe we think it does, think it’s real. If so, there’s another alternative. Maybe Zeno’s paradox is a clue that the world isn’t quite as real as we’d like to believe.