Outside River Run






Scott Luddin on nothing:

I gues you'd say I'm a kind of amateur philosopher. It's either that or seeing a shrink on a regular basis. People always said I was smart. Sometimes too smart for my own good. As a kid I resented it. I envied the kids that made fun of me and called me names, weird as that might sound. I envied their ignorance and their happiness. Their ordinariness. Later, I came to terms with it and embraced my geekness. As a computer guy, I fell in love with binary, its simple symmetry. One and zero, light and dark, male and female, good and evil, something and nothing. One thing composed of two opposing parts. The Zoroastrians were huge fans of the idea. Nothing doesn't really exist, and yet it does—we have a word for it, math has a symbol for it. We so take it for granted, and yet it's clear evidence of how mind-blowingly magical reality really is.