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Khufu Knows All

The Secret Doors to Ultimate Knowledge

Khufu summoned the High Priest Sabef and said, "This man, this Moses, has vexed me with his miracles. The Nile turned to blood, the frogs falling from the sky and so forth. He says it is his god that gives him his power."

"Yes, my Lord. That is true."

Khufu said: "What about my god? You are my High Priest. You know the mind and heart of Ra. You must insist that he give me the same power."

Sabef told the king that he had already been given the power and could exercise it any time he wished.

Khufu was silent as he paced back and forth. "Quite so," he finally said and flicked his wrist to dismiss the High Priest.

—Herodotus, Histories